Uzed™ Technology specialises in trading used IT equipment.

We work with organisations such as independent businesses, corporates, schools, local authorities, hotels, NHS, and the ministry of defence to source, revive and resell top quality and premium brand IT equipment.

We offer services throughout the complete circular lifecycle, from recommending and supplying hardware that meets your current needs to secure disposal and recycling of your obsolete items.

Our business is built on a foundational belief that reuse is better than waste and that while equipment may be used, it is still useful.

We are a small business with a big heart and our purpose is to build open, reliable relationships with all our partners and contribute to a more sustainable economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty do you offer with your products?2021-11-09T11:28:15+00:00

We are proud of the quality of our products. All items we sell come with a one year warranty as standard with optional extended warranties available. 

Do you also supply new equipment?2021-11-09T11:27:52+00:00

Whilst we specialise in used hardware, we can help you to source new items too where necessary. What’s more, we can often make a buy back offer at the time of sale to re-purchase the equipment from you when you next upgrade. 

What products do you buy & sell?2021-11-09T11:27:35+00:00

Uzed buy and sell only premium brand products for business use. We trade PCs, laptops, tablets, thin clients, workstations, servers and networking equipment. 

Why buy used equipment?2021-11-09T11:26:55+00:00

There are many reasons more people than ever are choosing to buy used. For some, the main incentive is ‘doing their bit’ for the planet. Whether it is a desire to reduce your carbon footprint or awareness of the ever growing E-waste dilemma the world is facing, going green with your IT choices is one easy step you can take towards sustainability.

Another key reason our customers choose to buy used is the cost savings – Uzed products can be up to 50% cheaper than a comparable new product.